Friday, February 13, 2015

Rockin' the quilt back

Just dropped Technicolor Sky off at the long-arm quilter.  Woot.  Definitely my fastest quilt finish to date: started in October and finished the top in November. 

Needed to piece fabrics for the back, as I was determined to make every part of this from my stash.

So, in typical me fashion, I studied up on quilt backs...

My second-ever Craftsy class, taught by the wonderful Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson!
A well-thought-out back

Pretty good result, I believe.  I employed work-arounds in using the large-scale floral fabric, as it was mostly pre-cut pieces from a 1990's romper pattern.  I had lots of appropriately-colored batik fabric (the on-point squares from the quilt front), but I didn't particularly want to use it; I can still be stingy when dipping into my stash, don't you know.


Gallery of other pieced backings (always run short of fabric, it seems)

Blue baby quilt.  Another project where I was determined to use up all of a long-stashed fabric (the teal zebra).

Backing of queen-sized stack-n-whack.  It makes a very nice alternative side.


  1. I LOVE pieced backs way more then one fabric ones!!! One of my favorite ones, especially smaller quilts, is an off center 4 patch!
    Love the back of the queen-sized stack-n-wack!!
    Your blue baby quilt rocks!!!!!!
    And I am sure that I have that Craftsy class on my list - and you did great getting that quilt done so quickly and with a backing you should be proud of!!! Keep that creativity flowing and make great backs for all your quilts!!!!

    1. Ooh, I like the show-off of your latest off center 4 patch back on your blog! I'm gonna have to borrow that idea sometime soon.

      Thanks for all your encouragement, m'dear; we will keep each other going, eh?

  2. love pieced backs. makes for two quilts in one! yours are spectacular

    1. Thanks, Dawn. Although I like the look of pieced backs, I tend to want to be *finished* when I have worked so hard on the top. My previous pieced backs have all been out of necessity to stretch backing fabric.
      However, the Craftsy Class has given me a new appreciation for what can be done