Saturday, November 15, 2014

Next pattern purchase: Pros & Cons

In an effort to take myself to task for impulsivity and forever chasing the new and shiny, I am writing down this list of Pros & Cons on the two patterns I am currently salivating over.

Pattern 1: a quilt pattern called Big Quilt Blocks

I saw it on Sewing With Nancy; a two-part video is available online, as well as a pattern.

Pattern 2: a small organizer, the Sew Together Bag

Quilt Zone's version
I'm seeing this bag everywhere on sewing and quilting blogs lately.  (Most recently in the T'was the Night blog hop hosted by Sew We Quilt.)  It has 3 inner zipper pockets, and a very clever way that the outer zipper forms handles.


Neither pattern is going to break my bank--even bought together I would spend less than $25.
The bag pattern is something I can envision making several times; I see it even being a Christmas gift (this year!)
The quilt pattern makes an excellent setting for a t-shirt quilt; I have a recipient in mind for such a quilt.

Cons/Reality check:

How many new patterns have I purchased this year?
How many new books have I purchased this year?
How many UFO's and WIP's do I have laying around?
Do I have a solid intention of making either of these patterns anytime soon?
Since I am considering the bag pattern as a Christmas gift, which other potential handmade Xmas gifts will be abandoned in order to work on this bag?
What possible bad thing could happen if I don't buy these patterns now?  Will they not be available later?

Well, that last question really is the voice of reason: what's the worst that could happen if I don't click on over to buy these patterns? 

What should I do?  How useful are these Pro & Con lists for controlling my impulsive, novelty-seeking behavior?  (One of my recent ADD books recommended using them.)  Do such lists work for you?


  1. I would love to say these lists would work for me, but then I would be lying....
    I do not do applique - I seem drawn to these patterns but I do not make them. Guess who just spent $80 on Amy Bradley designs??? I now am the proud owner of her Halloween one, the ABC quilt, seasonal designs and I am thinking I have to make these a goal for 2015 - to actually make them instead of just looking at them.
    Am I a it embarrassed about buying these? Yes!! What am I doing?? I, like you, have a whole lot of project on the go and plans to do things OTHER then these new ones I just purchased.
    When I looked at the patterns you posted - I like the big block quilt. I think it is a nice pattern and I would be thinking about it too.
    And if you think you will make the bag, and even make it more than once, I can see why you like this one too.
    My thinking: if you make a deal with yourself, like I am thinking I am going to do with myself, that I can purchase a pattern or book if I am really going to make the item and not have it as added clutter to my sewing space.
    I definitely do not need any more clutter and any more ideas either.

    I am also going to start the new year with definite plans to finish 6 UFO's - one a month. In June, I plan on doing the challenge again. This is another way for you to help with your decision. Are you willing to work on WIP and get them done?? Then these new patterns can be your treat for getting things done!!

    I know you will make the right decision, one that will work for you. I do like your patterns. think more about it and then decide.

  2. Brenda, so funny that you just purchased Amy Bradley! I have had a pattern of hers for so many years (Beach Bovines, I think it is) and I keep pulling it out and getting momentarily excited... before stashing it away again. Ah well, patterns don't take up as much space as fabric! (Although they may take up more mental space.)

    For now, I am resisting the pull of these new patterns--but instead I bought my first ever fat quarter bundle. I better start my list for 2015 soon.

  3. I would buy BOTH patterns. and then I would schedule a half hour a week to work on them to make progress. then the old irons in the fire would still have time to get done. I am of the opinion that if you have no UFOs, you are not a REAL quilter LOL just sayin! **WINK**