Friday, October 4, 2013


In honor of my friend Donna whose hobby is scuba diving.  I took this picture while she was away enjoying a luxurious week of diving in Hawaii...

Notice how dreary the skies are overhead.  Maybe I was feeling a little jealous, stuck enjoying delightful fall weather in Oregon.  Oh, but this picture wasn't supposed to be about the weather...

It's about the SHARK.  So clever, the way the shark's shape is formed from the letters.  Of course, the black shading doesn't hurt any, either.  *Sigh*  Last season's Project Runway All Stars flashback: the designers got to use spray paint on fabric to create wearable art.  Where are those amazing spray-paint-artist vibes when you need them? 

I just keep wondering if there's a way I can do something fishy (ok, something fabulously fishy) with Donna's name.  With fabric, of course.

Sorting through this summer's vacation photos.  Sighted on our Florida trip: a sticker on a truck that reminded me of the shark.  But this seemed more do-able as a Donna idea, as the entire shape didn't need to be created from the word.
Ahh, as always, more ideas than time.  Just a trip to fabric fantasy-land...

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