Thursday, August 1, 2013

Project Report for July

So many months have passed since my last Project Report, I can't hardly remember what has taken place.  I think, basically, not much got accomplished in the spring. Some idle sewing. Some mending. A little progress here and there on long-term projects.

It wasn't until June/July, and the flurry of activity for the County Fair, that I got some things done.

Started *and* finished: Oakie backpack; Oakie board shorts and visor.

Finally finished: Nancy Drew mystery cube.

And, in the discard pile: 5 UFO's. They are pictured here so I can remember--all were significant alterations or restyling of garments. Most were started so long ago that the garment is now hopelessly outdated. Yay for housecleaning in the UFO pile!

Completed projects this Month:  3
Completed projects Year to Date:  8
New projects this Month:  2
New projects Year to Date:  5
Discarded/donated projects (farewell!):  7
Net Project Count for 2012:  -10

For August, the month is already almost half done.  Where does the time go? My goals are to finish the backlog of buck-a-block BOTM, get another 10 blocks finished for Sweetie's t-shirt quilt, and make the next whatnot for the Barnyard.

Wishing myself good luck with all that.

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