Sunday, October 2, 2011

Enjoying the clean

Oct 2nd and counting...
Thirteen days left until we have to be OUT of our place.  The organized roommate is keeping us on track with this schedule.  Me and Mr. Disorganized are following along obediently.  It's going well; our last day should be all about final detail cleaning, nothing frantic or panicked.  Everything is being taken care of, day by day.

I stepped back for a moment today to enjoy all the things that are getting clean.
Yummy laundry: rugs
Clean stuff, boxed up! 
 The Laundry Fairy has been busy.  Everything gets washed: curtains, throw pillows, dog beds, dust ruffles, comforters, wall hangings, pillow shams, throw rugs.  It's all so clean!  And all the nooks and crannies are getting cleaned to a sparkling shininess.  It makes me feel a sense of new beginnings.  The idea that anything is possible.  Every shelf in the bookcase got dusted; so did all the curtain rods and hardware; ditto with the wine bottles, the wine glasses, and the vases and glass candle-holders: isn't that worth celebrating?

Making progress, and creating clean and order in the world of boxes.  The car is loaded up and ready to go with yet another run to the storage facility. 

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