Saturday, December 2, 2017

Testing, testing: 31 days of blogging?

At 11:12 pm on December 1st, the following announcement appeared in my Facebook feed:

I'm in!  I hereby pledge to blog every day in the month of December.* 

I had been mildly considering some sort of "Twelve Days of Christmas" style blogging--could I post 12 times in this busy month?  Especially given my essentially absent blogging presence since the fall of 2016?  I was ready to try...

But, YAY, Cheryl Sleboda just gave me my favorite motivation: external deadlines/expectations.

A full list of all the participating blogs is available on the main blog announcement here.

I already found a lovely motivation among the participating blogs listed: Amy from Purple Pineapple Studio actually started a blog just to take part in the challenge!  When someone is going so far out of their comfort zone in order to do that thing, I am here to stand and cheer.

*Yes, I know that I'm a day behind.  Still planning on 31 posts, though.

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