Saturday, July 8, 2017

Goals from March? Yes, please

My Finish-it February March blog post had me setting goals to complete 5 tasks.  Chosen out of the 32(!) pesky projects hiding in every corner of the sewing room.  How did I do?  Glad you asked...

Goals for March as seen in hindsight

1.  Finish nerdy t-shirt Pop-up  Done!
The Boy received this in the mail just last week--after it spent several weeks decorating the shop.  I have made three of these t-shirt Pop-ups, pattern & springform from the Fat Quarter Gypsy folks.  They are a great way to display a t-shirt (or three), and make something useful in the process.  I have several more in the dreaming phase, but no plans to actually work on any of them this summer.

2.  Finish kimono wallhanging  Rethinking...
Wallhanging (left) and Placemats

After having this incomplete sample hanging in the shop, I realized that I didn't love the fabric combination.  I am getting the feeling that I often make poor fabric choices when it comes to value.  Have you heard the quote, "Color gets all the credit, but value does all the work?"  I removed it as a class sample as soon as I could; this wallhanging is in time-out until I can figure a new fabric combo that I actually love.

3.  Finish kimono placemat  Done
So, my "least important" March goal was completed?  Why yes, I used the more attractive kimono placemat as the class sample to advertise my April class, after abandoning the ugly "not catchy" wallhanging.

4.  Finish blocks for Circles Block of the Month  Done
Finished this in May!  One advantage of not posting at the end of March, I guess.  Stay tuned for the flimsy this summer (and maybe even a completed quilt in 2017).

Improv circle block: my first ever improv curve
5.  Finish Grandmother's fan pillow  Ha!
So darn close to being done: just need to put a back on it and stuff that pillow form inside.  And yet, this one just sits...  Not even on the ToDo list for summer.

The good news is: I got things done!  I will not abandon my list-making and goal-setting, even when I go astray or let things stay on the list for months at a time.  Things happen, projects get sewn, and life goes on.

Some of us just choose to put our goals out there in public.  How about you?

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