Tuesday, December 1, 2015

One in a Minion

Minion cupcakes!
Caution: extreme Minion cuteness ahead

Sweetie's birthday was last week, and I managed to pull off the next-to-impossible feat of making sewing a gift on-time.  All it took was for me to completely neglect housecleaning and making meals for a couple days.

Worth it.

Bought the minion panel, and had a Panel Apron pattern from Something to Crow About, but knew I was gonna have to be clever: the 1 in a Minion saying would get cut up if it was left at the top of the apron.  So I carefully sliced it off and pieced it onto the sides, where it shows in the back while being worn.

I was fortunate enough to have a bit of a coordinating minion print to use for the neck strap, but I needed fabric for waist ties (and a tiny bit of width in the apron body).  I think the blue/orange stripe I found goes well in both places.

Birthday win: Sweetie likes it!
The apron is backed with a blue chambray from stash. Only 2/3 yard used, but I'm so pleased to finally have busted something from stash.

Sew Cute Tuesday

Linking up with Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts for Sew Cute Tuesday.  This week's theme is Christmas gifts, but I'm hoping this birthday gift gets to join the party, too.

Now--back to housework?  Or back to Christmas sewing?  (So hard to choose...)

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