Saturday, January 10, 2015

2014 in Pictures

Ahhh, January.  The month of my birth.  The month of looking ahead and looking behind.

What did I finish in 2014?  Seemed like a bustling year--there was a wedding in there somewhere!

Large Sewing


T-shirt quilt; blue baby quilt
(Ok, a baby quilt is not technically large, but lots of involved piecing; and quilted by me, so that adds to the level-of-difficulty, in my world)

Small Sewing

Oakie bowtie, cummerbund & tuxedo pants; yoga mat cover; baby's book of computers; table runner; rainbow bathrobe; teapot cozy
(Anybody besides me feel like there was a rainbow theme going last year?) 


Bridal bouquet; Russian wedding band cowl; bobble cowl; wedding programs


Columbia jacket velcro; pants hemming (too, too many pair to even estimate); hemmed curtains

Thanks for helping me celebrate.  Finishes feel good!

(If you get married over 4th of July, see what an amazing photography team can do?  Nothing but awesome results from New Morning Photography)

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