Thursday, July 10, 2014

Oy, haven't I seen this idea before?

Just listened to an NPR show (TED Radio Hour) on creativity and works of a derivative nature, when I was surfing BlogLand and saw a project that stopped me in my tracks.  I simply *must* make this: broken herringbone.

Pro's (no Con's allowed!)

  1. It's a stash-buster, so that's a big plus.
  2. Can be made in rainbow colors!!!
  3. There's a tutorial for making the blocks, so no pattern (or book, or magazine) purchasing needed.  (Many thanks to Anne at Play-Crafts for all the hard work of getting a tutorial out there.)
  4. It was run as a QAL in 2013/14 by Molli Sparkles, and all the posts are still around and available.

But then, as I looked at more and more photos of the quilts completed in the QAL, I began to think, "Haven't I seen this somewhere before?..."  Which is not so surprising, as the InterWeb is a big place.  But I was thinking I had definitely seen this design close to home.

from Angela Pingel's blog Cut to Pieces
And, Lo and Behold! On my very own blog, I had already fallen in love with elements of this design and color scheme.  Fortunately, I have my wild ideas parking lot for the endless parade of "new and shiny" that crosses my path and pulls my interest away from the current goings-on.

Parking this idea for a future play date.  Back to your lives, Citizens.

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