Monday, July 8, 2013

What does Santa say?

It's Christmas in July... coming soon.

Been working on designs for my super-secret Ho Ho Ho blog hop project.  One of the questions I must answer for the cross-stitch part of the project (it's a multi-media fabric/craft extravaganza!) is, "What does Santa say?"

There's the obvious "Ho, Ho, Ho!"  Nope, didn't make the cut.

Here are the two options I am considering:

I think that these go with very different Santas.  In fact, Sweetie steered me distinctly in one direction by painting a visual picture of the type of Santa that would accompany each saying: an elegant, Victorian gentleman Santa vs. a rustic, patches-on-his-coat, country Santa.

So... which saying won out?  Well, that depends entirely on which version of Santa is in the works, doesn't it?

And it just kills me that I can't let you in on the secret quite yet.  But check back on July 31st.  All will be revealed.

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